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"The moment you think you've learned everything is the moment that shows you haven't learned anything at all."

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Who are we?

About Us

// Goal and Future-Oriented Academy, 2022


Since we took the first step of this long adventure into the future with the international organizations held in Eskişehir in 2012, we offer all our participants the most unforgettable moments and environments where they can focus on their work and feel comfortable at any time, prepared with satisfaction and smiling faces by experienced individuals. The Future-Oriented Academy has gained a rapid and stable growth momentum with various organizations held in different regions of Turkey in a time that can be considered very short for many institutions. We prioritized the happiness and motivation of our employees throughout the process. As a result, we have developed a unique growth formula with hundreds of smiling faces, without compromising our quality and the values ​​that make us who we are.


Our team, which includes very different ideas, very different cultures, and very different personalities, is growing day by day in terms of quality and quantity. As a result of the harmonious working environment we provide, we offer the opportunity to gain new experiences to our participants with different characteristics. We are a big global family where different sections can work together and this diversity enables us to adapt to the needs and demands of our participants.


As the Goal and Future-Oriented Academy, we evaluate the results of our innovative activities not only analytically, but also by considering human relations. As a result of this vision, we create an innovative culture with a high-performance index.

Goal and Future-Oriented Business Model

In order to increase the quality of our services, we produce the most comprehensive and functional solutions for all requests and needs by modeling and planning every step extensively. We teach and adopt this understanding as a business model to all the participants we work with. In this way, we play a role in raising goal and future-oriented generations.

Research & Development

We always keep our innovative position active, regardless of the feasibility of various variations of a new organization, activity or brand to be implemented.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With every event we organize, we provide monetary assistance to several humanitarian relief and non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF and TEMA. If you wish to provide suggestions or obtain any other information, please contact us via the contact tab.


We aim for continuous improvement in every step we take. With the innovative perspective we have created, we bring a breath of fresh air to each step of our development. We always aim for a higher level and compete with ourselves. Our inquiring attitude in the decisions we make allows us to find the best. We believe that the most important factor that will carry us to the future is innovation.


We value every single individual in our team. As each of us works towards achieving our goals, we keep in mind that we are a part of this family. For this reason, we take mutual loyalty, cooperation, and honesty as the basis of our teamwork. We do not forget that our moral foundations are more important than our business goals.


Acar, who has been working in various events and international organizations since 2010, has held various positions in International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Balkan Athletics Federations Association (ABAF), International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Mediterranean Games Committee (ICMG), Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK), and Turkish Cultural Cooperation Organization (TÜRKSOY). In addition to these, he started his university life at an early age and graduated from Yeditepe University with a double major degree in Public Relations and Publicity, and Tourism and Hotel Management Departments with high honors and department degrees. During his university life, he carried out many joint projects and events with the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the United Nations (UN). He also worked in global corporations such as AtlasGlobal, Pegasus, Fraport, TAV, and Hilton that dominate the Tourism and Civil Aviation sectors. Onuralp Acar, who also speaks fluent English and intermediate Russian, has practiced every aspect of Model United Nations Conferences since 2013 by participating in several roles and organizing his own international conferences. Acar organized more than 100 conferences to date and has previously shown success in organizing Turkey's largest conference with the participation of 1250 people. In addition to these, Acar organizes training conferences and events all over Turkey, and has reached more than 6000 students between the ages of 12-25 in 17 different cities and more than 100 schools, and continues to work as the Founding General Manager of the Goal and Future-Oriented Academy.


Main Areas of Activities

// Goal and Future-Oriented Academy, 2022


As the Goal and Future-Oriented Academy, we are an innovative player in the education and tourism sectors. We carry out all demands and tasks in an inclusive way, on time, and with the highest added value. We provide the services that our country needs with a diversified organizational portfolio and prioritize sustainability in everything we do since we believe it is our responsibility to create a better future and leave a better country for the Turkish youth. We always invest in experienced personnel and the latest innovations in order to create the perfect organizational experience. While we move forward with the motto "Everything is for the people", we offer extraordinary experiences as a result of our strong and diverse company structure. In addition to our basic services, we also provide consultancy services to companies and organizations on all aspects and issues related to these services.

Main Areas of Activity


  • European Youth Parliament Conference Training and Consulting
  • Model United Nations Conference Training and Consulting
  • Debate Championship Training and Consulting
  • Presentation Techniques Training

M.I.C.E. Related Activities

  • Conference and Convention Events
  • Seminar and Symposium Events
  • Term & Training Meetings
  • Corporate Events
  • Motivation Meetings
  • Incentive Tours and Trips
  • Cultural Tours and Trips
  • Distributor Meetings
  • Meetings and Events with Protocol

Academic Education

  • University Entrance Exam Preparatory Camps for High School and Equivalent Schools and Institutions
  • High School Exam Preparatory Camps for Secondary School and Equivalent Schools and Institutions
  • Training and Consultancy for several Academic and Social Competitions


  • Sports Camp
  • Creative Writing Camp
  • Future Camps (designed specifically to the needs and demands of institutions)


  • Space Camp
  • Robotics Education
  • Industry 4.0 Training
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training

GO Agency Services

  • UI / UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Printed Works
  • Video and Photo Shooting


  • Drama Education
  • Impressive Speaking Training
  • Model University Organizations
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Events
  • Aviation Training (Vocational Special Education)
  • Student – Parent – School Career Counseling
  • Sustainability Education and Organizations
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Innovation Management
  • Change Management

The Goal and Future-Oriented Academy regularly updates its fields of activity according to the needs of today and the future. For detailed information, you can contact us via the contact tab.

Contact Us

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hello@go-akademi.com +90 (538) 428 19 95